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What do we do?

EA Anywhere is a community for people interested in effective altruism to connect, regardless of geographic location. We created the group to allow people who do not live near an active effective altruism group, or are otherwise not able to attend local group meetups, to connect with the effective altruism community and support each other with their goal of having a positive impact on the world.

Essentially, we are a "local group" for people who don't live near local groups and we want to make sure that every person interested in effective altruism has the opportunity to engage with the effective altruism community, no matter where they are.

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Our Team

Mexico City, Mexico
Alex (he/him) has been involved in community building since 2018 and co-founded the national-level effective altruism group in Russia. He contributed to several EA organizations as a research intern, created a Youtube channel with EA-related videos, and studied the MIT Micromasters program on global health and development policy. He enjoys meditation, hiking, gazing at the stars, and taking online courses.
Arlington, Virginia, USA
Marisa (she/they) has been working in the nonprofit sector for five years in a wide range of causes. She first found out about effective altruism by stumbling upon Peter Singer’s Effective Altruism course on Coursera, and appreciated how effective altruism gave her a framework to prioritize which of the world’s many problems to focus on solving. She enjoys thinking about how to make governments make better decisions, exploring moral psychology’s applications to effective altruism, and herbal tea.
Sami (he/him) got involved with the Effective Altruism movement in 2019. He is interested in issues related to economic policy and the social implications of future technologies, as well as all things ethics. Sami enjoys reading, thinking about ways to increase humanity’s capabilities, and TV.
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